Rule of law in Poland - our letter to Ursula von der Leyen

Dear President of the European Commission, in your speech to the European Parliament, you told a fragment of the lives of many of us saying: “Almost 40 years ago, in December 1981, the communist regime in Poland introduced martial law. Many members of Solidarity were imprisoned only because they fought for their rights. "

Kuhlmann /MSC, CC BY 3.0 DE , via Wikimedia Commons

This is true and for thousands of us these are not abstract stories from half a century ago that can be freely used today as a rhetorical figure. Many of us paid for our attitude at that time in prison, and many of our compatriots and relatives with the sacrifice of their lives. Millions of Poles - being second-class citizens, condemned to vegetation due to refusal to cooperate with the secret services of the totalitarian state or to join the communist party.

After the transformations of 1989, many of us rubbed our eyes, seeing the former functionaries of the communist services as new oligarchs. And we saw the judges who imprisoned us as those who acquitted these oligarchs in economic scandals, guaranteeing their impunity. The liquidation of these pathological systems that destroy our country has become a motivation for thousands of former Solidarity activists to continue social activity.

Dear President of the European Commission,

All studies by sociologists confirm that no party in Poland has ever enjoyed such great support from the Solidarity generation, people who took up the fight against the totalitarian system, like Law and Justice. Also, because this party has promised us a reform of the judiciary, so that our children can count on a fair and impartial sentence when they go to courts. That is why Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, at the age of 12, transported to the forest, where the communist secret police ordered him to dig his grave to intimidate his father, the leader of Fighting Solidarity, represented the aspirations of people like us in the debate in the European Parliament.

It was a dream for Poles and other nations of Central and Eastern Europe to be with the West, with other free nations. We would never believe that this free West would one day defend the judicial systems and the mafia straight from the crude communist totalitarianism. And the Free West will try to question the democratic choice of the Polish nation. We would never believe that the President of the European Commission would question the legality of the Polish Constitutional Tribunal!

Dear President of the European Commission,

Solidarity in 1980 was also a protest against propaganda, lies and the smooth speech of politicians, behind which were hidden dirty interests and the violence of the strong and harm to the weak. Forgive me, but in your speech, we heard this tone. Please do not listen to bad advisors from Poland. Both former communists and MEP Leszek Miller, member of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the Polish United Workers' Party (Russian: "Politburo"), the highest authority of the totalitarian state. As well as those who, after 1989, turned over to the propertized oligarchs.

The Clubs of Gazeta Polska are the largest grassroots social movement in Poland today. We are not Eurosceptics, as the vast majority of Poles we want to be in the European Union. But we want to be in it as free people with democratic rights. And not as toys and puppets in the hands of politicians, the strongest states and EU institutions. We will never allow it, and you can see how great a force we can be when you see the countless crowds of Polish workers from 1980.



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